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Dienstenwaaier (literally "fan of services") is a helping hand for solo-entrepeneurs and small businesses. We form a close and diverse team to strengthen your company or organisation.

We activate the talents and expertise of professionals who have recovered from a burn out or suffer from a chronic illness, by adapting the working conditions (part-time, flexible, customized). In this way, our people get renewed energy and passion, ready to offer you excellent services, with a smile.

We love to listen to you to get to know your specific needs, and offer you customized services. How can we help you?

Let us know!

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Our Team

Sem Brys

Creative services: animation, illustration, logo design, etc.

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Sem is a talented artist and he loves to use his creativity in his job. He likes to watch movies, playing with LEGO and is always eager to learn new things (currently he is learning to play the violin).

His personal artistic portfolio website is:

Experience: Bachelor in Digital Arts and Entertainment and in Animation. 10+ years experience with Photoshop.

Training in Illustrator (level 1 & 2). 7+ years experience in the animation industry & volunteer/personal projects.

Stefan Wittocx

Administrative work, IT, Regulatory Affairs, ...

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Foto Stefan Wittocx.jpg

Stefan has a heart for the customer, becomes happy to be able to help someone. He is a bio-engineer and as a generalist he has many different areas of expertise. He likes Christian and philosophical books, badminton, playing music, nature walks and writing. He combines his half-time job as Manager of Dienstenwaaier with the care of his 3 young children.

Experience: More than 10 years intensive/advanced use of Word and Excel. Always passionate to find ways to make the necessary computer work as pleasant and efficient as possible. More than 10 years of experience in Regulatory Affairs for feed additives.

Ons Team

Our Partners


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Workshops for pioneers of a connecting economy

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Do you want to use your talent to make a happy and sustainable society a reality?
Do you want to do business from trust and cooperation?
You are a starter in the New Economy!
We believe that pioneers like you, who put their heart into their business, change the world.

Find us at

Nienke Thomas 

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foto nienke thomas.jpg

I am Nienke and I get tremendous joy out of seeing others happy and being able to give them something they will cherish for years to come. Photography was in me from a very young age, even before I knew how to hold such a camera. I love capturing details & unseen, spontaneous moments. I am always looking for that one shot that others had no idea about. My goal is that the persons being photographed are as relaxed as I am on the other side of the camera.
My personal website is There you can get a brief introduction to my work.

Experience: 5 years experience as a professional photographer on location, over 5 years experience in Lightroom & Photoshop.

Florencia Hernandez

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Graphic Design - Wix Web design

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Florencia has a passion for creative work, teamwork and helping people. With decades of work experience as well as volunteer work, she learns and grows with each experience and is always looking for new challenges.

Manuel writes your text

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Copywriter for Entrepreneurs - Freelance Copywriter for Creative Agencies

Manuel pasfoto bij VanKaro.jpg

Looking for a copywriter who puts your message on paper clearly and effectively?

I write and rewrite your texts so that they completely convey your individuality and message. Increase your turnover and strengthen your professional image.

Get to know my offer and portfolio at or set up an appointment with me for a no-obligation introductory meeting via 0486-86 24 20 or

Jessie Laenen

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Jessie is more than passionate about words, working as a freelance Voice-over.

Are you looking for a feminine, fresh voice? Then Jessie is the person you are looking for for your project. 

From voicing commercials, animations and corporate videos to E-learning and even voicemail. 

All projects can be discussed to come up with a beautiful end result together. 

Be sure to visit her website:

Hope to see you soon for a creative and fun collaboration !

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