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Dienstenwaaier is a helping hand for self-employed people and small businesses.

We form a close-knit and diverse team of service providers to support and strengthen your company or organization.

We have been a recognized Cooperative Company since January 2024. All service providers are co-owners of the company and have a say in its operation and vision. Together we are stronger to serve you as a customer even better and offer a wider range of services.

We activate the talents and expertise of professionals who have experienced burnout or have a chronic illness, by making the work part-time, adapted and adaptable. In this way, our employees gain new energy and passion, and you as a customer reap the benefits from that.

Dienstenwaaier stands for:

  • Customer-oriented, customer-friendly, customer-empowering

  • Talent, expertise and passion

  • Honest service at a fair price

We are happy to listen to your needs and tailor our offer accordingly.

How can we help you?

Recognized CV?

"Recognised cooperative societies, by nature, promote socially responsible entrepreneurship, based on solidarity and shared values.

The cooperative societie are recognized by the Minister of Economy and can therefore become members of the general meeting of the National Cooperative Council, Social Entrepreneurship and the Agricultural Enterprise.


The recognition guarantees that the societies in question operate in accordance with the cooperative values and principles."

More information can be found at the government's economy website.

Our Team

Sem Brys

Creative services: animation, illustration, logo design, etc.

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foto sem brys.jpg

Sem is a talented artist and he loves to use his creativity in his job. He likes to watch movies, playing with LEGO and is always eager to learn new things (currently he is learning to play the violin).

His personal artistic portfolio website is:

Stefan Wittocx

Administrative work, IT, Regulatory Affairs, ...

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Foto Stefan Wittocx.jpg

Stefan has a heart for the customer, becomes happy to be able to help someone. He is a bio-engineer and as a generalist he has many different areas of expertise. He likes Christian and philosophical books, badminton, playing music, nature walks and writing. He combines his half-time job at Dienstenwaaier with the care of his 3 children.

Tim van Leeuwen

Management consulting for non-profit, financial reporting and monitoring, process optimisation ...

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With years of experience as a manager, Tim will always look to get the best out of people and projects.  
He gets particularly enthusiastic about working with social-profit projects that make a difference in society.
He has the expertise to lead a management team towards healthy structures and optimal processes and to bring to the surface any underlying problems in organisations, in order to create an optimal environment for all team members to flourish.
Recently, he provided financial advice and follow-up on a €6,000,000 construction project, yet he also chooses to make time to help start a small non-profit organisation.

Tim enjoys family time or a lovely BBQ with friends, preferably together with a nice wiskey (currently Auchentoshan and Glenlivet are at the top).

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