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Intelligent administrative support


Whatever work you do, administration is involved. Something that many people hate, you too? We do not! We specialize in the more difficult Word & Excel work, and casually give tips about (free) tools that you can use to simplify and speed up your work. It's called "intelligent" administrative support because we don't just do the executive work, but at the same time think along with you to do things smarter. You can count on us!

Remote Office


Online/call: all of Belgium

Live: Laken, Jette, Wemmel

Pricing (Tax excl.)

€ 52,00 /uur

Travel expenses: € 0,60/km



What people are saying

At Dienstenwaaier I found competent, all-round administrative help, tailored to my needs.

—  G. Van Cutsem

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