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Automate repetitive computer work


Are you losing time with repetitive administrative tasks? Can't see the forest for the trees in your Excel files? Are the digital cutting and pasting making you feel like you're back in kindergarten? Are you making the same reports every month?

Wondering if all that boring work can be automated?

Yes, it's possible!

We simplify and automate your work, which will result in daily time savings and more job satisfaction.

Our specialization: automating Excel files with VBA and Google Sheets using Apps Script. Recently it has also become possible to automate Excel Online files with Office Scripts.

Make an appointment to see what solution we have in store for you!

Remote Office


Brussels region,  Flemish Brabant, region Mechelen

Pricing (Tax excl.)

Development and implementation, simplification and automation: ask for a quote with a fixed price for your project or € 88,00 /hour

Travel expenses: € 0,60/km



What people are saying

"Preparing the report to justify our financing is quite a job every term. Thanks to the automation of the Excel files, this work is completed faster and more efficiently = Saving on man-days for repetitive work and profit on staff satisfaction! We have not done this before. Thanks again for the fast and adequate cooperation"

—  V. De Vuyst, expert client processess VDAB Brussel

Automation Excel file using VBA by Stefan Wittocx

Free downloads

Google Sheets tool for faster billing a 'no-show fee', in NL/FR/EN, automatically sent from your Gmail/Google Workspace address

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